What is nailbuff?

nailbuff is the only place for nail polish lovers and stylish women. Find the latest new nail colours from leading established brands and indie manufacturers today to match your look, and save the nail polishes you buy in your own personal online catalogue.


What is “Collection” and how does it work?

Create an exclusive personal online catalogue of all the polishes you own. Trying to decide which polish to wear to match your look? Out shopping and can’t remember if you have a polish at home? Access your collection at any time to make choosing and shopping easy.


Which polishes can I add to my Collection?

nailbuff works with a range of manufacturers and we loaded their polish details in our extensive database. If you can’t find the polish you’re looking for you can add in a few easy steps by just choosing 'add new.'


Who can see my Collection?

At the moment, your collection is for your eyes only. But watch this space, as we'll be adding social and sharing features in the near future.


Of course. We know how busy you are, so you can access nailbuff from your phone or tablet on the go.


What is “Find” and how does it work?

Ever struggled to find the perfect polish to match an outfit, your mood or even the weather? Use our exclusive colour wheel to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find you polishes that match your colour requirements in a few clicks.


I make nail polish, can I be featured on nailbuff?

Yes, absolutely! Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.